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Samsung Fridge Freezer

Samsung are major suppliers of Frost Free Refrigeration & Samsung fridge freezers. Use this website to compare Samsung Fridge Freezer prices and cheapest deals.

All Samsung Side by Sides and Samsung fridge freezers are Frost Free:

Never defrost your freezer again
Food labels remains clear and visible
More usable space as no ice build-up

Multiflow Cooling
All Samsung Side by Sides and Fridge Freezers work using Multiflow cooling and are frost free fridge freezers.

Multiple air outlets within the Refrigerator ensure a constant and ideal temperature throughout, helping to preserve the freshness of your food.

Antibacterial protection
The interior of all Samsung Side by Sides and Fridge Freezers* are coated with Silver (Ag+) ions

While completely safe, these help prevent bacteria growth by breaking down their metabolism

This helps improve the hygiene of the interior of your refrigerator.

Patented Twin Cooling System
All Samsung Side by Sides work using 2 separate evaporators to control the temperature in the Refrigerator and Freezer

• Ideal temperature and humidity levels = longer fresh food storage
• Energy Efficient cooling
• No mixing of odours between the fridge and freezer

CoolSelect Zone
Premium Samsung Side by Sides have the CoolSelect Zone, an independently controlled compartment for increased flexibility:

Quick Cool – Chills drinks up to x6 quicker*
Thaw mode – High humidity / hygienic defrosting
Soft Freeze (-5C) – Gentle Freezing, for ‘softer’ ice cream
Chill Mode (-1C) – Prolongs freshness and flavour of fish*

Samsung Fridge Freezers

February 27, 2024
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