Maytag Fridge Freezers Info

Maytag Fridge Freezers Info

America keeps its cool with Maytag. Not just by making sure fresh food is always at the perfect temperature. Or that chilled, filtered water is always on tap. Or that fridge freezers are quick and easy to access. But also because of what Maytag says about style...imagination...a flair for the sleek, the beautiful, the refined. And with four stunning models to decide between, choice is simply a matter of taste.

In 1907, Frederick Louis Maytag entered the washer business with one goal in mind: to build quality appliances from durable and long-lasting materials. That ideal holds true today for Maytag's full line of household and commercial appliances, from washers to refrigerators to ranges and cooktops.

Throughout the past one hundred years, Maytag's suite of quality and dependable appliances has grown to include new and innovative products. But the company has never wavered from its founder's steadfast commitment to quality. That's why today, Maytag washers last longer than any other brand on the market.*

F.L. Maytag once said "never let the company forget its responsibility to deliver quality machines to the public." As always, Maytag continues its relentless pursuit to build the highest-quality and most dependable machines for you, our customer.

Maytag Fridge Freezers

March 29, 2023
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