Electrolux Fridge Freezers UK Suppliers

Electrolux Fridge Freezers UK Suppliers

Electrolux has a wide range of fridge freezers, in different sizes and with various features to help you relax and worry less about safe food storage or defrosting your freezer less often, or even ever again!

Think about where you place your fridge freezer:

Significant energy savings can be achieved by placing your fridge freezer appliance in a cool spot - avoid placement next to heat sources like ovens and radiators, or in direct sunlight
Consider insulating your fridge from wall or floor heating sources.

Frequent defrosting keeps the evaporator unit clean from thick layers of ice; enabling it to operate more efficiently. You know its time when the ice layer reaches a thickness of 3-5 mm.

Closing doors:
Replace fridge door sealings if you think that your door is not closing properly
Dust your fridge. The condenser on the back and the space underneath the fridge should be kept free from dust and last week’s leftovers.

Try to avoid keeping the fridge freezer door open for long periods, or opening the door too frequently. Warm air enters the cabinet, and causes the compressor to switch on unnecessarily
Double check that there are no obstructions preventing your fridge door from closing properly

Many Electrolux appliances are equipped with ‘door ajar’ alarms.

Electrolux Fridge Freezers

April 20, 2024
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